Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday 10/27 2011

Dear Spudguns:

So today mom had a visit from the minister from her church.  I actually don't mind the minister as she always has some interesting stories.
What I don't like is that every so often she slips in a small attempt at trying to get me to go to the church.   She keeps pointing out that there are "no young people coming, no new families, no one is bringing their kids."
I usually change the topic when she starts in on that. 

Speaking of feeling heavy; I made the mistake of weighing myself today.  Not pretty, that poor scale must have had a heart attack when it spotted me.  I know I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the read out. 
Which, of course became one of the topics of conversation this afternoon with the minister when the cake was served.  I wouldn't let myself have any.    I know, settle down, me pass up cake unheard of.  But yes.  {stop snickering Spuddy you'll choke on your tea}  I've gained way too much in the last year.  Way too much.  I can admit it.

On a sillier note, I hunted online last night and found a youtube for the movie  Where the Buffalo Roam 

which is one of the first movies that is about Hunter S. Thompson and his writing.  It had been a few years since I last had seen it.   Forgotten how good of a job Bill Murray had done as Thompson.
Yes, very much looking forward to the movie this weekend of The Rum Diary.  Have to still locate where my copy of the book is and see about reading it after the weekend, as I need to finish reading Sense and Sensibility for book club on Sunday.  
And what did I learn from watching Where the Buffalo Roam?   I realized that I stopped writing for me about two years ago.  I started to really censor myself.   I need to get back to writing for me.

On that note, I'll catch you on the flipside
Love Ardeth Blood