Tuesday, December 13, 2011

908 Tuesday

Still early in the week, middle of the afternoon.

Still waiting for the delivery I ordered two months ago, got all hyper when the doorbell went this morning.  It was just a Jehovah's Witness.  Damn it!  Seriously, had I known I would not have hit the door opener.  I would have just hid.

We're sitting at -4c here today.  That's nearly tee shirt and shorts weather around this area. Nearly but not really.  If you've ever been around Thunder Bay in winter you know what I mean.

Foot still not healed, bruises have gone to a nice yellowy-green colour much like a snotty puke colour.  Still can not get a shoe on. Have now been stuck inside apartment for two weeks.  Two weeks before that at my mom's.  So yeah, a whole month and the foot is still not healed.  My situation sucks really.

Fright Night was released on DVD today and I'm missing it damn it!   That sucks- no pun intended- I was really looking forward to getting myself a copy today and seeing the film in proper 2D.  vampires vampires vampires but now I have to wait till god knows when, when I can get a shoe on and get out of the damned apartment.  Going bit crazy here.