Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wed dec 7 2011 BOO

click click click  

It's one of those rare nights when everyone else in the building is out and it's so quiet all I can hear are the noises my computer keys are making.    That is heavenly

So my buddy Gerry in Toronto who was up visiting few weeks ago, managed to find a way to get my photos off my cell phone.  So now I have access to the photos I took back in Sept when I went to Sault Ste Marie  Ontario.

Only they are too blurry for any real use.   Blah my camera skills suck as bad as my chopping skills lately.  Here I was thinking I'd get to do with the photos what I had originally planned which was using them on my cooking blog sort of like real food bloggers do.

I'll have to remember to take my proper camera with me next time I go anywhere if I do not have a new cell phone by that time.  And given how long it took me the first time to save up for that few days...

And before I can do anything like that I need to track down a copy of Quilting for Dummies as I realized my sewing skills are even grainier then even I thought they were.