Monday, October 3, 2011

Time Out

I know I said yesterday that I would be back with photos from my holiday and the next piece to my short story, which I will, later when I figure out how to get the photos off the cell phone.

I was listening to my mother talking to one of the other family members yesterday about a situation.  I have a younger cousin who is an addict.  And it's gotten too far gone, her liver is useless.

There was a point in our lives when she was my best friend.  The closest person to me. Until she stole my boyfriend and well, I haven't spoken to her in years.  {what's that line from Queen of the Damned - "we don't settle old grudges we're vampires we harbour them"}
At the time, everyone was telling me that she did me a favour, that I would look back on it and see that.

It's taken a decade to realize that, but her stabbing me in the back ended up being the best thing for me. Had she not, I would have stayed in an abusive relationship, would have stayed hanging out at the bar every single night, and would have been right there dying with her. 
But, because of the lies she told, I removed myself from that life.  Moved on with mine.

I know I use this blog to bitch about the shitty life I have, but at lest I have a life.  Why is it we only seem to learn a lesson when something horrible happens?  Why is it we never learn something when something good comes into our lives?

I know, I just got really serious on you here, and serious is not what people come to my blog for.  You come for silliness and weirdness. 
And I am extremely grateful to be breathing and able to share my silliness and weirdness. 
Whenever I hear people say they "hate their life"   I tell them to reword that.  Be careful what you say as the universe might take it as fact, never say "you hate your life"  for you might not have one tomorrow.  You hate your circumstances, which can always be changed.