Friday, October 21, 2011


This is your morning wake up call.   er um ... bloggy-blog daily whathaveyous.

So I've been reading my favourite forms of daily information... horoscope newsletter thingies.   Planets are once again in retrograde, others are bumping up next to each other etc etc etc.  All this means is that major changes are happening right now. 
These transitional moments might be a bit more subtle for some then others, but will be noticed by pretty much everyone by the end of next month.   Jupiter and Neptune seem to be the big players at the moment.

My scopes keep telling me to speak from the heart right now. 
I'm not sure that I can at the moment, not too sure I'm ready to go down that path right this moment. 

So instead, I think I will blabber about the most recent episode of Top Chef Just Desserts.   The near end of season 2 had the chefs needing to make a dessert that looked like a main course.  An illusion of sorts.
I was glued to the computer as I watched one of the chefs turn cream cheese into pork. The whole time thinking about scenes in movies like Catwoman where the large plate of seafood was actually watermelon.  Food props would be one of the coolest but hardest jobs on the planet to have.

And you might be wondering what that has to do with my headline today... it's still a transition.  Moving us out of how we have been thinking and seeing and feeling and what we thought was real into a new version of that idea.  Transitioning us into the next phase of what could be.