Sunday, October 30, 2011

How was the movie?

Raise your hand if you saw The Rum Diary this week?

And what did you think of it?  I was the only one it would seem, in the screening room yesterday who knew anything about it.  I talked to about 10 of the other people who went to the early show while we waited and everyone just knew it was the latest Johnny Depp.
Disappointing that no one else seemed to be there for the Hunter S. Thompson factor.

This was a fabulous movie.  I do have the book, had it for a few years.  But it's been in my To Read piles for the last few years.  And it will most likely sit there for another month or so because I think I want to read one of the three biographies I have on Thompson first.  Which have also been sitting in my To Read piles for the last few years.

This is going to be one of those movies that becomes a cult classic party movie.   I can see it now, drunk college students sitting around watching this movie and taking a drink everytime someone on the screen just says the word rum.   My god man, you could literally get drunk in the first ten minutes by doing that. 
Rum is for sure the lead character in it. 

Today, today was book club.  Not that anyone bothered to show up.  I know I keep threatening to not have any more to just give up and after today that's it.  Giving up.  This is me right now giving up on book club. 

It's the night before Hallowe'en, and it just doesn't feel like it. I've done nothing in the vein of the holiday for this blog as I had planned.   To be honest,  I just haven't felt it this year.  Maybe I'm getting old and jaded? 

I am vibing on two new shows that started this week.   Grimm and Once Upon A Time.   both very much shows I think are needed right now.   Bring the fantasy and fiction back to television.  Bring the escape back to watching tv for an hour.

And now I must ask... why Spuddy is all the rum gone?