Thursday, December 22, 2011

913 oh bite me!

Thursday already.  Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!
I swear I thought I had posted on Tuesday... didn't I?  I think I'm quickly loosing my marbles.

I some how managed to watch 8 hours of Bold and Beautiful,  2 hours of Recipes to Riches,  6 hours of Iron Chef America, 2 hours of Once Upon A Time, 4 hours of Grimm, 14 hours of WWE {Raw and Smackdown} that my mother had taped for me on the VTR {I still want to call it VCR and VHS damn I'm old} That's 36 hours of tv since yesterday morning.  

Holy Dren man!!
That's 3 weeks of television.  Wow. 

So, yeah, I ended up going to mother's yesterday morning.  Just got back.  Damn I watch a lot of tv.  Goes bit faster when you can fast forward through commercials.

As I was hobbling up the stairs with my still sore foot and my cane clanking with each step, the new neighbours cracked open their door and spied on me.  Well, that's just going to make me not like you and want to stab you with the ice pick thingie on my cane.

So of course my response was to come in my apartment and crank up CC4 by Twiztid.