Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You know...

Odd how life works isn't it?

Right, got an interesting email/comment and you know I indeed have to share it sort of.   The dude who sold me the iPod it seems is a reader... yes hold the phone Michel Cole, it seems he's a Spudgun! Or at lest was until my rant.  Such is life such is rock n roll.  Sometimes, life really is better then fiction. 

Anyways, I see that the Spike site has posted last week's episode, and intern dudes over there; what's going on with the episode numbers?  You jump from like #652 to #701. Do you have your refs counting or something?

Yes much better mood today thank you.  Watched the Pirates of the blah blah 4 last night.  So not worth the fact I had to buy a blu-ray-dvd double pack.  Would have been nice to find a single dvd but sadly not the case it would seem.

While I'm on the topic of wrestling, what the hoovers is up with the crap over on WWE?  Seriously? Who's writing that dren?   Here's a thought, since All My Children went off the air last month, there is a bunch of fabulous writers who need work.  Hired one or two of them.  Totally would fix the crappy storyline that you've got crawling along right now with that Laranitis or whatever his name is. He should not be on a mic at all no one can understand him.

Better yet, maybe my beloved X-Division should hire a few writers from All My Children.  They really need the sorting out. 

Well that's my thoughts tonight on making friends/fans and an impact.