Sunday, November 13, 2011

13/11/2011 Grey stuff

Dear Spudguns:

It's been lovely grey overcast here last few days.  I love it when the weather is like this because all my sinus issues and my aches and pains are like zero.

This past week's TNA episode {Nov 10th 2011}  what can I say other then it's good to see the title on a Canadian.  Not sure how stable that storyline is going to be, specially if the rematch goes down on the ppv tonight?  I fast forwarded everything else but the Eric Young stuff.  I keep waiting for him to have maple leaves or a moose or something on his underwear when he strips.

We just got a David's Tea here in town.  Nice.  It's been one of the "food"  newsletters I've been getting by email for the last couple of years and it's just nice to finally be able to see the actual mixes up close. I'm digging on the Santa's Secret  mix.

Started to work on the Bride of Frankenstein dress, only to have the sleeves keep falling apart when I pin them.  Seems the lace I picked out is too delicate.  Will have to rethink the design.
But, I did manage to get some great red and black Hallowe'en prints for the quilt. 

And to all working the ppv tonight,  stay safe. 

Love Ardeth Blood