Monday, June 21, 2010

You've played you're hand, now what?

Erin and I were talking about old movies and videos, cause that's what we do.
Got all weepy with the "remember that one song we used to skate to at Wheelies"
Actually it was more remember that one song you and the rest of the gang used to skate to at Wheelies while I sat there forgotten holding the table and watching the purses cause of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta (can't skate, can't ski, can't ride a bike etc) But anyway,  we then started listed off songs and everything.   Got to the Corey Hart stuff and that kind of sent everything rolling. 

I'd say very much one of the biggest "rock star" influences for us both.  Kind of set too how we like our men to look too.  I think he had some of the best love songs for the 80's.  And that got me thinking about men and music.  

I figured out a pattern.   Yeah I did, only took me forever to figure it out but here we go... whenever I have given a man a cd he leaves.
Now, my taste in music can't be totally off putting to every boyfriend/lover I've had in the past, so what am I missing here?   Is it the music really or is it the fact it was a gift?
Oh you know what else,  and this has started more bad relationships then I ever realized before till now, every time I've done a duet at Karaoke with a guy, I've ended up in a relationship with him. 

So what is it with the men in my life and the offering of music?   Is it too much emotionally?  Does it mean more then I am aware of?    Is it just me?

Think about it, watch the Corey Hart video I found on youtube and get back to me on this.