Tuesday, June 8, 2010

End of an Era (WWCD part 12)

I'm watching an episode of Sex and the City from season six called Splat!  (I'm too lazy right now to check what the episode number is)  where Carrie makes the choice to move to Paris. 

What got to  me was the scene where Carrie and Miranda fight over the fact that Carrie has made this decision. 
"I can not stay in New York and be single for you." -Carrie

"What?"  -Miranda

"This is about you. As long as I'm here, in the same place writing my column then nothing has really changed."-Carrie

 There comes a point in everyone's life where they are faced with the fact it's time to move on. Wither it's a job, a friendship or a relationship there comes a time in everyone's life when they need to say this isn't working for me anymore.

Many of us are afraid of the unknown, and end up suffering out the situation when we know it's time to get out.   If you read a few of my posts recently you know I am at this stage right now. 
Unlike the character in SATC,  many of us do not have the option to move to Paris.  I don't even have the option at the moment to move across town.
So, how do you end up handling it then?  When the world you are living in suddenly feels like a coffin. How many of us are living our lives for us or for the people in our lives?    For the first time ever, my sister Ninja said today that she wants to leave Thunder Bay.   I could think of nothing but the idea that if she moved, our mother might finally agree to move then I could finally seriously start thinking of escaping this hell hole... er um moving. 

I would love to live on the East Coast.  For years I always thought St. John's Newfoundland would be ideal, but for the past couple of years, the Halifax area of Nova Scotia has been popping up; from movies to tv shows to books, to friends.   Starting to wonder if that's not maybe where I should be thinking of heading my ass.

Either way, I'm ready to find a way to move on from this old life I've been zombie walking through and start a fresh one.  

But how do you know the party is really over?