Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do we still beleive in love?

I decided last night to make it a chick flick night.  Rented two movies and curled up with a glass of wine.
First movie was called Timer the second movie was Serious Moonlight.
The first one was about the search for your soulmate, and the second movie was about the end of a long term marriage. 

Bookend it would seem, but I honestly did not do it on purpose.  I just grabbed the only two chick flicks on the new release wall.  Just my luck Eh? that they would each be the complete opposite of each other.

Both films left me thinking.    Do we even still believe in love anymore or is it an illusion? 
I've been working with Life Coaches off and on for the last 6 months both here in town and online.  Right now, I'm taking part in an article that is being written by a relationship coach. 
This is truly the decade of empowerment.  Wither you are working to improve yourself or your company or your soul, everyone has a plan to help you.  Life Coaches have replaced Therapists who were the thing to have in the 80's and 90's. 

You know me, I seem to be a sucker for a heartbreak.  But you know what I was told most recently... quoted at actually   "Don't Stop Believing"   as in the Journey song.  Yes, I had one LC start singing at me and told me when things get mucky just put on that song and really listen to it.   Really Listen To It!

If we spent the first half of the last 30 years identifying  with our issues, and the last 10 years healing  those issues, it would only feel fitting to now be ready to move on from our issues and start fresh. I know I believe in love, and I hope you do too.  Even if it's just a pretty picture painted on the cover of a cd.
I'm cute admit it, you love me, you adore me, you want to share in my dorkdom. I make you smile.