Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday June 20th

"Pressure keeps on rising"   that's a quote from a song on the Trick or Treat (1986) soundtrack
  Love that movie, just love it.  I've talked about that before on the old blog at different points.

Having one of those days where I'm feeling vicious, no real reason, just it's way too hot here, I have not been sleeping much at all, deadlines creeping around  So yeah, feeling little claw-worthy. 

My aunt has not gotten back to me on the promos for the Wellness Center/Life Coaching assignment, so I have no idea if they liked what I did last week or not.  That's got me little scattered.

Let's talk about the real issue right now.  The guy.  Right, I think I mentioned few weeks ago  (May 30th Do I love you or your Ego?)  that there is this guy I'm like... messed up on.  The only way to put it.  He's like the King Dork, Duke of Nerds or something.
I'm 36 years old, I should not be reacting to a man in the way I have been when it comes to this dude.  Someone said something really nasty about him,  when I was out at the blockbuster the other day, I mean totally uncalled for and I, in my self important style, got into a total argument with this person. Here's the thing, I have no reason to be defending the guy.
He's not mine to be defending. I don't really know him.  I don't think I even register with the King Dork.  Have no idea if he's ever noticed me. 
See, how pathetic. 

I'm behaving like a lunatic because of a man.