Friday, June 4, 2010

Why do men say that?

"You can do better then that guy"

I need to know.  Seriously dude, why is it no matter what or who I've just gotten involved with or dumped by,   why is it my male friends both straight and gay single and married  always say that to me?

But they never back it up.    They never follow it with  "I have a co-worker/buddy/cousin  who would be perfect for you"
They all tell me that I can to better but they never offer a better choice.     So why is that?

Is it something men are just programmed to say to the women in their lives?  Is it just lip service to make us feel better about ourselves  in the same way girlfriends will tell you the guy "will call cause he's totally into you. You just scared him cause he's just got out of a bad relationship/never been in a serious relationship/you are more talented then him/he's just insecure "

Guys, honestly  if you are ever going to say to me again "you can do better then that guy"  You sure as hell better have that magickal better guy up your sleeve to introduce me to.