Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Book Dork Is In.... part 6

Last time on the Book Dork, our heroine was chatting with the Lady from Book Club,  now we pick up after the book discussion of Jane Slayre.

Book Dork:  So, your thoughts on it?

Lady from Book Club : It was bad. Very bad.  She can't write and I'm not picking up her stuff again. What did you think of it?

Book Dork:  It sucked.

LBC: That it did. I just didn't understand why there were so much zombies and little vampires. The werewolf was good though.  Eat Pray Love next then?

Book Dork:  Yes!  I'm in the Pray part of my life.  Just got out of the Eat part of my life.  Not ready for the Love part yet.  But Yes on the book.

LBC: Isn't this the part where you would have something witty and cute to say  type?

Book Dork:  Yes, but I'm all out of witty and cute. Saving that up for my next MotorCityMachine Guns! post... which has nothing to do with books and everything to do with me maybe being on the cusp of the Love part of my life... or you know the Eat part... Not sure where I am, as that last book sucked the marrow out of my brain. Damn zombies. 

Tune in next time for more adventures in Geekiness with the Book Dork.