Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brain not ... mumble mumble mumble

I was doing the morning blog boogie-woogie whoo, and found myself not sure what to say in comments.
There are blogs that get so much traffic, anything other then a fluffy "have a great day"  is pointless as it will be buried in ten seconds.
There are blogs that make you think, feel and want to connect with the blogger on a deep level, but to leave the kind of comment you want makes you sometimes feel like a show off. So you end up leaving the fluffy "have a great day"  

How do you balance this out?   How do you be that honest blog buddy without coming off like a know it all?

I was just on a really fabulous blog, one that had me thinking and laughing,  wanted to leave an uplifting comment but everything I wrote made me feel ... like I was showing off.  I deleted it and went with the fluffy comment. 

Now I feel like a hypocrite. That blogger had put so much energy into their work, they deserved more then the fluffy.