Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's a social network not a shoe

And you know, it's still not one size fits all.

I've been part of more internet groups in the last decade then I even remember joining.  They all seem ab fab when you first join them, but after a while the shinny turns to rust. 
Wither it's in fighting, over use of ads, repetitive topics or just bad management, they have all had their bad side.   Some more then others.

I got sick of it there few years back and even tried my hand at running my own.  The only trouble was, everyone wanted to turn it into the same old thing they had just left complaining about.   I wasn't happy with that and ended up shutting mine down (the one that was successful I had to shut down anyway because the hosting went from free to pay)

What is it about social networks that brings out the worst in people?  Everyone complains they want something different and when you give them different they try and turn it into what everyone else around them has done.