Sunday, June 13, 2010


If you have been following me at all over the last few years on any of my blogs, you know I'm not a musician. BUT my life is overflowing with them.

You would also know that I do little video thingies, in which I created all my own music.

My Aunt is a Life Coach, and I've been asked to help make instruction videos for her website. My toughest thing is going to be the music for them. If you have ever seen spiritual/positive meditation videos then you know they are very formulaic.
I don't want to be formulaic. Nor does my aunt.

So this is my new challenge. Making themes ... oh let's call them what they are jingles. For a series of Life Coaching videos. That's underscore and opening/closing credits.

I don't think me karaoke-ing would be a good thing... or maybe it would?