Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Frankenstein 's Closet ...part 2

I picked up some lace today for the dress.    Wasn't smart enough to pick up a dress pattern though.
Well, not totally true,  there was a sale on at the fabric store today and I was lucky to get out of the place with my hands in tact.   I never got near the patterns or the ribbons or anything else needed for the thing.  I lucked out though, as I hung around the "end bins"  and got 5 meters of lace and a very pretty cotton material. 
I'll try to get back to the fabric store on the weekend for a pattern and stuff. 

I am very pleased with the crimson coloured lace.  Looks a bit like rusted blood, and that will I think work perfectly for the skirt of the Bride of Frankenstein dress.  

Now,  if I actually get this thing finished and looking anything like a proper skirt/dress by Hallowe'en  I'll be shocked.