Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I think I scared him, he tripped and dropped his ladder

I totally forgot today was new release day.   I scanned the blockbuster flyer and saw that the new Doors documentary   "People are Strange"  was released today.  This should be wickedly good, cause  1) Doors 2) documentary   and 3) Johnny Depp as the narrator.   

From there I headed to the grocery for some frozen veggies and pasta so that I can make a quick supper tonight cause the heat is climbing here today and I don't want to be hanging around the kitchen with the stove on for long.    

While I was there, they were fixing the lights which means ladders and cute young guys in dark paint spattered jeans.  Hey some women like a man in uniform, I like them in paint.  Anyway, the maintenance dude was carrying this hefty ladder across the frozen food section and looked over at me, and bam he trips over his own feet dropping the ladder.  He blushed so prettily.   I was in the coffee/bakery area few minutes after that cause I wanted hot chocolate, yes I know it's too hot for that but I wanted something sweet, and I look up and there he is again bringing another ladder from the back of the bakery, which made the loveliest noise as it dropped out of his hands and almost sent him face first into a large display of sugar covered donuts.  

For such a beautiful guy (dark hair, brown eyes, pale, love handles) he sure as hell was clumsy.