Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Raw for June 7th 2010 -3hour Fans Choice

We open with an angry Randy Orton demanding a match with Edge. From what I understand Randy Orton really did hurt his shoulder, so giving him a one armed match with Edge was an interesting idea. ... Edge went for a clothesline but missed, then went for a kick but missed that too. Orton used his good arm and got a clothesline on Edge sending him to the mat, then stomped on him. Edge landed on his back -on his arm as his one arm was tied behind him so you know that has got to hurt. Orton went for an RKO with his good arm but was unable to make the move work, meanwhile, Edge used a shoulder block sending him down to the mat. Edge then untied himself, the ref throwing out the match.

Jericho vs Big Show in a body slam challenge. Jericho slapped BS, who then headbutted him. Jericho then in the corner where he received a few chops. Jericho tried for a slam but got elbowed for his trouble. BS with another headbutt to the crown of Jericho. Jericho rolled out of the ring but was manhandled by BS before using the ropes as a helper, dropping to the floor again sending BS's arm across the top rope. Jericho then started to work on the arms of the BS with a few kicks, before doing a drop kick on him. Jericho then to the top ropes for a double axe handle but was swatted out of the way by BS. Jericho was then body slammed hard on the mat giving the win to BS. Who wasn't finished, as he put a submission on Jericho, then threw Jericho over the top rope. This was the other two choices for the match.

The Hart Dynasty vs a mystery tag team which the fans chose as Hornswaggle and Khali. I'm not even going to cover that. The Hart Dynasty won.

Santino vs Kozlov in a dance off.... oh my god why the freal am I here tonight? Kozlov won...

Divas match .... battle royal....Maryse won.

Sheamus vs Kane... finally something worth my time! They started with Kane giving Sheamus a hard knee to the chest, then an uppercut before tossing Sheamus out of the ring into the rails. Sheamus tried to fight back but was just over powered. I never thought I'd say that back in the ring, and Sheamus took the legs out from under Kane as Kane was climbing the ropes. He followed it with a few punches to the back of Kane before using a running ...er stumbling powerslam on Kane going for the cover. Only a two count. Sheamus then with a running double axe handle to Kane's skull. This was followed with a submission hold, both men in the center of the ring, Kane delivering a boot to the temple of Sheamus. Sheamus got to his feet again only to get whipped into the corner and a running clothesline from Kane, before Kane used a sidewalk slam on him. Basement dropkick from Kane going for the cover on Sheamus but only a two count. Kane to the top rope with another clothesline, setting up for his choke slam; but Sheamus countered twice. Sheamus then with a wicked looking backbreaker on Kane. Sweet! Sheamus then tossed out of the ring hard hitting his skull on the floor. Back in the ring and another choke slam from Kane, and Sheamus rolls out of the ring. He chose to be counted out letting Kane win this one.

RTruth/Morrison vs a mystery tag team. Miz and Zack Ryder. can I just go to sleep now? I just can't talk about this... Miz and Ryder won. I just don't understand why the keep trying to partner up Miz. Let Miz just be a singles wrestler.

Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy. Hardy started with a leg take down and punches. Running clothesline sending Drew out of the ring and over the announce booth then into the rails. Face first then into the ring post then Hardy tossed him back into the ring. Drew with a stiff kick to Hardy , then charged at Hardy but missed getting a shoulder full of ring post. Hardy with a twist of fate for the win.

Cena vs CM Punk. They started with a collar tie up, Cena going then for the new mask that Punk has been wearing since shaving his head. But missed. Punk then with kicks to Cena and a side headlock, before Cena managed to worm out of it and go off the ropes with a hard shoulder block to Punk. Cena then with a arm bar which he turned into a flip by grabbing the back of Punk's skull and rolling him over his shoulder (if there is a real name for this move please let me know) Then put a chin lock on Punk. Punk countered with an arm bar of his own, but that was countered by Cena with leg scissors. Cena once again went for the mask but Punk rolled out of the ring. Back in the ring and Punk was using knees to the chest of Cena getting him in the corner, then used a short drop kick to the back of the skull of Cena before getting a submission move on Cena. Cena battled out and was heading for his STF but was too close to the ropes, letting Punk break the hold. Cena used a bulldog on Punk. Punk then slapped a chin lock/choke hold on Cena. This was followed by a DDT from Punk. Cena then tossed out of the ring. Back in the ring, and Punk started to work on the lower back of Cena with kicks. Cena battled out with punches and flying forearms setting up for his finishing move but was distracted by the rookies. The ref got punched by one of the rookies as they beat down Punk and Gallows outside the ring before a total beat down on Cena and the announce team. They tore up the ring literally.

I guess it's time for a new set designer. So class, today's lesson is that the ring is made of three layers like a sandwich. Wood, foam and the canvas covering.

Some of the choices they offered the fans were just stupid ideas.