Thursday, June 17, 2010

When did you two break up

I was out at the grocery for milk and eggs when I bumped into this chick I had gone to college with. Won't even get into it, just say she was the desire of every guy in our broadcasting course back 17 years ago and time has only helped to make her beautiful.

Of course I looked like something you would find clogging your sink so yeah you can say I hated her right then standing in the dairy section.

Her: "I bumped into Mr. B. and his wife no too long ago. Took me a bit before I realized that's who it was. I'm so sorry. "

Me: "Um sorry for ?"

Her: "You and Mr. B. When did you two break up?" she flicked her perfect hair.

Me: "Break up? We were never together."

Her: "In college. You two were dating... or was it just a few one nighters?"

At this point I was looking confused, as I have no idea what the hell she's going on about.
Me: "Who told you that? Me and Mr.B. were never a couple on any level. Just friends. If you can even call us having been that. Business partners for sure but that's really about it."

She looked more confused then me at this point blank stare.
Her:"Come on seriously. You're going to tell me you and Mr B never. Right that's a load of bulldren."

Me: "He and I never had so much as a handshake. Just friends. Who told you that we were a couple anyway?"

Her: "You two were always together. You looked like you were a couple. I not joking, the way you two always were talking and joking and the poetry and all that vampire movie stuff. You really going to tell me that you two never slept together?"

Me: "I was seeing that first year student. DudeX. Don't you remember?"

She stopped and had that look on her face like she was trying to remember but just couldn't.
Her: "But DudeX was gay. I thought you were like just his cover so his parents wouldn't find out. "

Me: "He was bi- actually. And his parents already knew. Beginning of a trend with me it would seem. Bi-guys."

Her: "Hmm. Well, that's weird. Wait till I tell Mr. A. He'll find this interesting, he's married now with kids. You were totally his type back then, but you already know that."

No I did not know that. And I wasn't really anyone's type back then as I was a 300 pound mess with long stringy red hair.

Her:"We all thought Mr. B and you were a couple. Only thing that kept Mr. A. from dating you second year was that we all thought you were Mr. B's" she started digging in her purse for her cell phone texting someone. "Love seeing you again. We'll do coffee sometime. Are you on Facebook? I'll Facebook you"

So what am I suppose to do with that information? Finding out nearly 20 years later, that one of the hottest guys in our broadcasting class was interested in me? Life sucks.