Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Okay, Yummy

I spent the day at my mother's as the plan was to make a cheesecake.

Of course, when I get there she didn't have any of the ingredients and I ended up having to go to the store. That combined was about forty minutes.

and then I remembered what I forgot on at home. I had left a candle burning in the kitchen. Yeah. I've never done that before. I raced home, to find the candle still burning and everything totally fine. I blew out the candle in a near panic. Okay big panic.

Then back to mom's to make the cheesecake. We decided on a lemon as it had the shortest ingredient list and bake time. Of course I forgot my camera and did not get a photo. Nor did I remember to write down the recipe from mom's cookbook. Brilliant aren't I?

And it's only a Tuesday.