Friday, June 4, 2010

He's haunting me (A Beginning)

This was written specifically for WOW writer's forum. I got this far and well...

His chocolate brown eyes darted back and forth as he sat at the small table, reading a magazine. His jet black hair short and spiked, setting his already pale skin to contrast. The coffee shop was starting to fill up with the after school rush, teenagers pushing and creating noise, sending shivers of lustful gusts around him. Byron's iPod died just then, as if on cue, forcing him to have to listen to the crowd.

He was about to get up to leave when he spotted her walk in.

There was nothing strikingly special about her, short with wax like skin and hazel eyes. Her hair made him laugh, as it was as short and spiky as his own and a shade not really red and not really blonde but something that reminded him of a Collie. She gazed over at him having heard the giggle escape his throat. Byron shook his head turning back to his magazine.
She continued past him to the counter, ordering herself a frozen latte. He turned watching the brown leather trenchcoat as the tail of it swished slightly as she did, with a sound that said to him in a soft whisper "later". Byron started to chew on his bottom lip in nervousness when she moved back towards his table.

"Hi. I'm Adar." she held out her hand for him but he didn't take it. He nodded instead blushing his eyes wide. "Are you Byron?" he nodded again as she took the seat next to him.