Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He's jealous

I've been sitting here wondering if I should talk about this or not.  Given that I've returned to this post a few times in the last couple of hours, I'm guessing I need to talk about it.

A male friend took a tantrum and ended our friendship.   Over Alex Shelley!    I know it's funny  it's okay you can laugh... okay enough laughing and finish reading the post.

So what happened was,  I've been friends with this guy for a while, not close friends or anything, but  fairly good friends.  Last month he started acting odd, made a few comments towards me, which shocked the hell out of me, then asked me to have sex with him.  

Wipe the spit off the computer screen I know I know you're choking on your pop I know I was too when he asked me.  Nearly laughed myself into a fit, hurt my ribs and everything. 

 Ends up he was serious.   I know I know you're gasping for air right now you're laughing so hard   settle down and finish reading it gets better  I turned him down cause icky, so not my type. He got defensive; started making comments about me needing to "stop dreaming and be more realistic about the men you go after. You're just not good enough for him" (referring to Alex Shelley )  I slapped him.  Yes slapped him hard enough I hurt my arm. My friend then  started acting a little weirder over the next couple of days, almost possessive.  I stopped talking to him. Plan and simple.

Until a few nights ago when he texted me.  He acted like he always has; and asked me what I've been doing for the last month.  I told him I've been busy and what I've been up to, then added  "and pissing off  Mr. Shelley".   (referring to my series of posts in the short story on here He's Haunting Me)

My friend never texted back.  Okay, that's not that unusual for him.  Sometimes he doesn't reply for hours.  I went on with my evening and didn't think about it again.   
Until I logged into facebook this evening.   My friend had removed himself from my list of friends. 

No one I've talked to in the last few hours seems shocked or upset.  It's been clear for months no one in my social circle liked this friend at all.  Everyone just kind of tolerated him. My buddy Patrick even gave a sigh of relief when he found out.

What's upset me the most about this is not even having lost a friend,  but the fact he told me I'm not good enough for someone. 

If my love life comes down to a choice of either just dreaming over a guy like Mr. Shelley or lowering my standards to being in a relationship with a so called real guy like my former friend,   I'm going to choose the dream every time.    Life is too short to waste in bad relationships.