Friday, June 11, 2010

Do I look like Sue?

I don't know what's the deal with my friends but for some reason they seem to think they can ask me anything about sex.

Stop laughing!!!!!!

I'm not totally stupid on .... okay who am I kidding that's like asking a Nun for advice on giving a blow job.   But I suppose because I write about relationships, they seem to think I know more then they do about sex.

Um no. 
This tonight lead to a chat with a buddy and I made the comment "Do I look like Sue Johanson?  Is this the Sunday Night Sex Show?"   (yes I realize you Americans got a different version of the show then us Canadians called Talk Sex with Sue)   "What makes me an expert on the topic?  I do not have a degree in Sexual Health"

So I went hunting online for old episodes of the show.  Which I did not find any of the Canadian version but I found plenty of youtubes for the American version and all I have to say is I'm shocked.

Canadians know more about sex then Americans.    Okay, let me rephrase that,  Canadians know more about Sex Education then Americans.  At lest by the way these episodes of the show were being presented.  And I am sure there are other countries and cultures that are even more open about it then us Canadians.
What I was seeing online, were pieces of the show Talk Sex with Sue,  being dubbed over, and full on prank callers wasting her time.   This is why the population at large has the attitude it does towards sex.  Sex should be fun, but Sexual Education should be serious. 

Few years ago, I remember hearing how MTV was airing a show (we did not have that here at that time, we still only had MuchMusic in Canada) where teens could call in to talk to celebrities for sex advice.    How'd that work out for you?   Like the illiterate teaching the blind to read Eh?  Just because you have the chance to have a lot of sex, does not mean you know how to play safe.  

Yes that was a dig at celebrities in general. 

Some of the stuff I was hearing being asked Sue on the show was just jaw-dropping stupid.  I suppose it comes down to the fact Canadians had access to the Sunday Night Sex Show on radio, then television, plus her live lectures and books for over 30 years.  My and my sister's generation grew up with the information at our fingertips. 

Embarrassing,  slightly  but always honest. 
So back to my original question,  why do my friends seem to think I know more on the topic of sex then they do when I consider myself a Prude?  It's not that I do know more cause I do not,  it's my attitude towards it.    You might not think that from my blog, but then again, you are only getting the sarcastic side of me on this thing.