Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are we back?

Yay!   Blogger is fixed!!!! 

Voo Voo!    Okay, so blogger had issues this past week, and many of us complained and just stopped trying to blog.   I see by the replies to the forum that we are back on track  good good yay!

It's been a weird week.  Trying to work on the stuff for the Wellness Center for my aunt,  reading the increasing stack of books I have for review,  learning how to make cheesecake (and yes eating that cheesecake - my poor jeans)  and of course because blogger was having issues, I am almost a full week behind on my wrestling reviews  but what can you do Eh?

Why is it the more I try to have a life outside of my drenny apartment, the more I seem to be chained to my laptop?    and no I have not worked on my novel in about two weeks.    and yes, I still need to write the next installment of my little short for the WOW writer's forum.   I'll have that for Sunday as usual.  I have a plot twist up my sleeve for the lead male. 

Saw the WolfMan last night.  Oh freal me hard with a chainsaw.   That's all I have to say on that for the moment. I'll do a review on that later too.  

I'm actually sort of on a Woody Allen kick right now.  Every so often I feel the need to slip into that frame of mind.  Just finished watching Melinda and Melinda  this morning.  One of my favourite Woody Allen movies actually.    Just makes you wish you had a large martini and a cigarette ... but I sadly do not.