Friday, June 25, 2010

What's in a name

3 years ago I had my numerology done.  The lady had my birthday and name that was it.   She never asked anything else and I never told her anything.
The second she got my last name (my real name not my stage name)  she cringed and made a face like she'd eaten something rotten and right off asked me if it was my maiden name.   When I said it was she patted my arm and said "Oh then you still have a chance to change your luck"  

This is not the first time my last name has given psychics and tarot readers the wiggins.  
Not too long ago, I was having a conversation about names, and mentioned how no one thinks about their daughters names when it comes to how it will match up.   I left this comment on someone's blog too recently when they were talking about baby names. 

But it's true, you can name your son anything as long as it fits with your last name, but if you're not careful, your daughter might be stuck with a first and or middle name that just doesn't fit with any other last name other then yours.

And that would be the spot I'm in.   For years I hated my name; just down right could not stand it and would go by nic names.   I still go by a stage name -Ardeth Blood-  but for much different reasons now.   I've come to actually like my real name... correction my real first and middle names,  I hate my last name still and have thought about legally changing it on more then one occasion.  Only thing is, my parents gave me a name that doesn't work with anything else really.  I'm sort of doomed. 

My Grandmother's maiden name   (mom's mother) is  honestly about the only thing that works with my given name.  I haven't done it yet because it would be extremely costly to change all my identification without being married.