Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frankenstein 's Closet

I want a Bride of Frankenstein dress.

Why not, I already do the spiky hair so why not the dress right? Okay so I can not sew to save my life or knit or anything on that side of the domestic swing.

And given I'm brokey broke broke broke; I can't hire anyone to make one for me.

This will be fun I'm sure. * mad laughter like a lunatic*

Okay so it's June right, right, and I want this for October. Not even for Hallowe'en just that's about the only time frame I can get away with it outside of Disney Land so.... but this is Thunder Bay and this place always looks like the inside of Mr. Dressup's TickleTrunk so...

Someone told me to try a wedding dress store. Um right, so I can have a heavy mental break down in the middle of it- beauty idea. Let everyone know by the mad flow of tears and shredding of the dresses that I can never afford that I'm never going to land a husband. Right I'll get right on that, pencil it in for right after the zombies finish eating my brains.

And what happens to those brains after the zombies have eaten them? I'd like to know? Made Erin laugh for ten minutes on my zombie poo-poo rant the other week. Just think about it for a second. Vampire movies explain the blood as being recycled in the vamp's system, but zombies movies never explain the brains. What happens to the brains? if the zombies are eating that much of them wouldn't they become smarter? If not, do they poo them out? You never see a zombie need to poo.... If the brains are getting into the system and into the stomach wouldn't that mean the digestive track is still working or not? if not then wouldn't the zombies just be vomiting up the brains all the time as quick as they eat them?

This is what I think about on an average day after having a very large glass of white wine. and I don't even like white wine; it was just the only thing mom had in her apartment when I was there.