Saturday, June 12, 2010

He's haunting me (part 2)

This is for the WOW writers forum. You can find part 1 of this story here

Two teenaged girls dressed like they should be working the corner and not hanging around a coffee shop came up to their table.
"Oh my god! I love your bag. Where did you get it?" squealed the one with the pink strips in her dark hair.

"Thank you. I got it for $150 on clearance when I was last in Edmonton." Adar said as the two girls groaned and shoved off outside. "What?" she turned back to look at him. "You didn't think I paid full price for this did you? This bag, is a $2000 pure crocodile leather with leopard print interior. I'm fashionable not insane." She leaned over to see what he was reading, expecting to find the typical male entertainment but ended up surprised. "Skateboarding?"

"I design them." he turned the magazine around pointing to one photo of a teenager jumping a railing. "This is one of mine. Sold for $799" Adar tilted her head to the side making a small sound that was somewhere between humour and questioning. Byron closed the magazine, leaning on his elbows closing the gap between them as Adar leaned back in her chair with her drink, before opening the now famous bag taking out a tape-recorder. Byron scratched at his temple, his dark eyebrows lifted as a wrinkle formed on his perfectly smooth forehead. "Shouldn't we be doing this in your office or something?"

"My office is a corner of my kitchen. I had no idea what kind of man you would be so there was no way in hell I was letting you into my home." she spoke without looking at him.

He nodded silently as he stared down at his own coffee mug, now empty. "Fair enough I suppose." he leaned back once again in the chair, his hands behind his head. "Fire away."

"How did you get started?" she leaned a little closer for the tape-recorder to pick up his soft low voice in the mist of the noise.

"My dad was a chef at the Water Lily." he sniffed then licked his lips turning around in his seat to see how long the line was, feeling the need suddenly for something to drink. "I spent every summer working there, first as a bus-boy then as a dishwasher finally..." he raised his hands out from him. "Sous-chef. I need a coffee, do you mind?" he pointed to the now nearly empty line. Adar turned the recorder off gesturing towards the coffee counter. Byron almost knocked his chair over he got out of it so fast. Adar could not help but let her eyes linger on the small waist of his, wondering how a man who cooked for a living at one of the hottest restaurants in town could be so thin. He obviously worked out, as his broad shoulders would make any athlete jealous. A sigh caught in her throat as he turned to look at her. She blushed having been caught staring at his body.

Byron smirked, his pale lips now moist with the coffee as he took in her form. Whatever he had been expecting, she was not it. When he had first gotten the email from the magazine asking about an interview, he had been thinking some matronly woman in her seventies or something when they said they were sending Miss Bates. He half turned back towards the coffee counter just out of spite; wanting to make her wait.
He then decided as he once again let his chocolate brown eyes travel across her plus size figure, his gaze catching on the simple grey tee shirt she was wearing, that there was no point in just talking about food. What would be the fun in that? Byron, decided he was going to show her the food. Making his way back to the table he held out his hand to her. "Come on, we're going to the market."

"What about the interview?" she asked annoyed.

"You can interview me when we get back to my apartment over supper." he winked at her nodding towards the door of the coffee shop.

Tune in next week for part 3