Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Shot - video

Okay, for those of you (3 brave souls or evil jokers haven't figured out yet) who voted for me to post my pathetic attempt  at singing,  here you go.   You sick sick people.
Seriously... it's laughable at best and vomit worthy at other times.    This is the updated version of this video as I had a copy on my old hardcore Vamps Prods.,  website few years ago, but sadly, or maybe better for it, that old version died along with my old computer.  And of course, as always, none of us can work a camera proper or act for that matter.   *sigh I miss working with the BonBons*
See if you can spot the small nod to TNA wrestling - hint you have to watch the whole thing- and like every thing I do,   THIS IS DEDICATED TO ED D WOOD JR