Friday, June 25, 2010

Asking men stupid questions part 7

Do men like to be rescued?

Okay boys,  the girl want's to know,  do guys ever wish for a female version of a white knight?    And I do not mean some lazy ass wanting a woman to pay for him.    I mean from the idea of someone to see you for who you "wish you were" ?

I've been told I have a "sleeping beauty complex"  (as in wanting a man to rescue me from my so called evil life)  by a Life Coach (I would argue but that would be mute given the state of my old blog)  Do guys ever get like that?

Not even sure what the male version of that would be called?  I'm sure there is a technical term for it, but I have no clue so I'll call it the Louis complex;  as in Louis from Interview with a Vampire.  (He wanted to be rescued and ended up becoming a vampire)

So the stupid question this time around is - Do you suffer from the Louis de Pointe du Lac complex in other words -Do men ever want to be rescued?