Saturday, June 19, 2010

Do I want to comment on this?

I used screen capture for this post

There is this blog I read.  Let's not even pretend to be cute; lay it on the line, it's the MotorCityMachine Guns! Spike blog.   I swore I would not but I've been bitten by the MMG blog bug.  It's like a mix of cigarette smoke and whiskey to me accompanied by jazz being played on piano by Bongo-Ed, if you dig what I am saying.

Addictive.  Sensuous.  And at times, familiar.

Like this week's post (called  T-Shirt Time!),  well half the post anyway, Mr. Shelley's half.   So familiar in fact that I went back through my own little blog here to a post I myself did just 4 weeks ago on May 21st (So I should flaunt my jokers?)  Where I listed off some of my own tee shirts.  

I never comment on their blog for a few reasons.  One, we don't even know if they bother to read all the comments and given they get spammed alot, there isn't a point to it.   Another reason, because why should I let my little voice get buried in the spammers and stuff when I can just use this here blog of my very own.  That's the point isn't it?

Besides, they have never left a comment here for me so why should I extend the courtesy to them.  Hell, I've given them so much love and free press already, and I'm just exhausted. That's what fans do right?

I've been saying for how long now that they love me. Okay, let me rephrase that,  they love reading my blog.  Why wouldn't they, I only ever seem to talk about them. But getting away from my point.... far away from my point.

Mr. Shelley.... Alex; if you are reading me because you find me witty and entertaining, great wonderful drop me an email to let me know.    If you are reading me because you are suffering from blogger's writers block and need some fresh ideas to yammer on about on a mundane level that your fans will understand and given the state of the front row of Impact every week; mundane is not a strong enough word; great glad I could help, drop me an email to let me know.

And if it's someone in the writing crew or even the janitor or a lighting guy or whom ever it is that might be reading me instead because you either find me adorable, winsome and bonny, great drop me an email to let me know. Or if you by chance are reading me because you have to give the MMG weekly assignments to write about but are suffering from  blogger's writer's block, great glad I could help drop me an email to let me know.

You know, I would love love love love totally get a kick out of it; for it to really be Mr. Shelley who's wasting time reading my blog  catching up with me like my fellow bloggers do every week.  Worshiping my fallen wisdom  Laughing his ass off with my unrestrained mouth-droppings.  Sharing in the dorkdom that is this vicious circle of things (I watch you and make rude comments,  you read my blog, I read you,  you read my other rude comments and get the chainsaw gassed up etc) (following each other's blog) I really love this strike out option it makes sarcasm so much more fun in writing don't you think? Where was I? ...reading blogs... vicious circle.... yes here we go...  The poetry of it all is very alluring (suddenly put in mind of that scene in Subspecies II Bloodstone  when the female vamp Michelle is stalking down the dude in the heavy metal bar and the line from the song the band is playing "You kill me/I kill you/guess who gets surprised" ) You really should get back to me on this whole thing. Email me; it's not that hard, you can even do it with one hand.  it's not that difficult doesn't take any time at all.  (we could get undead and form a band... oh wait you're already in a band) But then again I suppose what would the damned really have to say to the damned?