Friday, June 4, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 3rd 2010

iTunes Canada loves me again as it was available at a decent time today.

I think having Sting as the number one contender is a pointless waste of time.  He shouldn't even be in the running,  he needs to move aside and let the younger guys have a turn.
He was suppose to have a match with Samoa Joe but it was more a case of Joe just punching him for a while. Then Matt Morgan came down, then RVD came down... BORED NOW!!
Morgan vs RVD vs Sting vs Samoa Joe...RVD won. 

Knock Outs.... um DUDE!  should I be questioning this?  Roxxi vs Rosie who makes me look like a stick figure.   Roxxi got the win with a roll up.  

A.J. Styles vs Kaz vs Jay Lethal.  Styles rolled out of the ring and Lethal went for a roll up on Kaz but only got a two count. Kaz then went for a clothesline but Lethal ducked, just before going off the ropes for a crossbody on Kaz.  Lethal then shoved Kaz into the corner with a few chops before delivering a hip toss and his trademark cartwheel which was cut short by Styles coming back into the ring with a running clothesline on Lethal.  Styles then tossed Lethal into the far corner charging at him, but missed.  Lethal then with a few punches to Styles, but Styles tossed him into the ropes where upon Lethal used a baseball slide to set up for a spinning head scissors take down. Lethal then started his lethal combination but Kaz with a drop kick broke that up.  Lethal was able to somehow do a bulldog on Styles at the sametime as a clothesline on Kaz knocking both to the mat.  Styles then got Lethal over the top rope, where he landed on the apron.  Lethal with a shoulder block to Styles from outside in before Kaz shoved Styles out of the way and delivered a hard hangman on Lethal. Styles then with a backbreaker on Lethal.  Kaz then tried to one up Styles by giving Lethal a deep arm drag and a neckbreaker combo. Kaz and Styles then started to yell at each other, giving Lethal a chance to battle out with punches to both and a drop kick to Styles.  Styles though pulled out a hurricanrana from the mat, as in laying on the mat. Beauty!  They yelled at each other some more, actually I like this comedy routine, very Bottom  then Styles put Lethal face first into the turnbuckles. Kaz caused Styles to slip on a springboard giving Lethal the chance to shove them into the corner with a roll up on Styles for the win.   That was a good match in a lets waste time and entertain the crowd sort of way.

This was good in another way, as the Heel turn on Styles just wasn't right.  I think I said before I liked the idea of Styles as a Heel, but the angle they were using just didn't feel proper.  I don't think I've ever felt the Heel spot on Styles as a good fit.  They've been comical but I will always view Styles as a Face.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE SHAVE RIC FLAIR'S HAIR OFF!  And what the hell is with the Herman Munster giggle Flair was doing?  I will never be able to watch the Munsters again.

Did Robert Roode read my mind?  His comment about Hardy sucking as a tag guy, he read my mind.

James Storm vs Hardy.  Storm was just pounding on Hardy outside the ring before the bell, then Hardy tossed him into the rails then the stairs.  Storm then with an elbow to Hardy, who answered with a clothesline. This is still all outside the ring.  He then hip tossed Storm on the concert floor.  Jesus, that would break your tailbone. In the ring and the bell finally sounds the start of the match, Hardy with a shoulder block from outside. Storm with a hangman DDT using the second rope on Hardy. Storm then had him on the ropes stepping on him before going out of the ring for a running boot to the face. Storm then put a chin lock on him Hardy battled out but got an elbow for his troubles. Storm then with his version of the lethal combination. Hardy used a jawbreaker on Storm before they started trading blows. This was followed by a few clotheslines from Hardy. Hardy then went for his twist of fate but was countered by Storm.  Hardy then slammed him into the mat. Storm tried a top rope move but it was blocked by Hardy.  BOO!   Storm with the eye of the storm but only got a two count. Storm went for a chair shot but Hardy ducked and the chair hit Storm. Hardy slapped on his twist of fate before going for his swan dive thingie for the win.   Hey be happy I called a Hardy match at all

Roode vs Mr. Anderson.  They started with a collar tie up, Roode in the corner and Anderson with a hard right. Roode then slapped on a side headlock before going off the ropes with a shoulder block.  He followed with a drop elbow but missed. Anderson's turn to slap on a side headlock on Roode, then off the ropes for a shoulder block on Roode sending him down to the mat. Anderson then down on the mat beside him with a double axe handle. Roode back to his feet with a few punches before getting tripped and landing on the second rope.  Anderson charged at him turning the last second to slam his back against Roodes then going for a roll up for a cover but only a near fall. Roode then with a neckbreaker on Anderson then stomped on him for a moment before raking the back of Anderson. They traded blows for a moment in the corner before Roode used a snapmare on Anderson. Roode then went for a choke out on the bottom rope. Roode then continued to work on the neck of Anderson. He managed to get out of it with a series of elbows and punches, going for his miccheck but it was countered by Roode. Anderson then with a back body drop that looked to be about 8 feet high. Roode then with a running clothesline on Anderson in the corner before tossing him to the far one for another but this one was blocked and countered by a large boot from Anderson. Anderson then with a sunset flip from the corner, but Roode dropped down on his chest for a cover and got the win.

Rob Terry/Abyss vs Wolfe/Jordan. Wolfe and Abyss started it off ... er Wolfe jumped Abyss actually. He was working on the injured arm of Abyss with kicks and punches.  Jordan tagged in, with a top rope double axe handle onto the arm of Abyss. Abyss turned it around literally with a spinning back elbow sending Jordan into the corner then charged at him in a big splash. Then everything broke down outside of the ring, with Abyss going after Wolfe.  Rob Terry then in the ring slamming around Jordan pinning him for the win.  Okay hang on,  isn't Abyss and Jordan the two legal men?