Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Joker vs the car payment

I don't understand you.

I keep seeing the same complaint as of late from women online, keep hearing it from others when I am out at coffee shops/the mall etc.   They are bitching about their husbands/boyfriends  having an addiction to collecting action figures and comics and stuff like that.

Really?  That's an issue?  I'm sorry that you have a man who actually you know, has a hobby that doesn't include tracking mud through your house or killing small woodland creatures or that puts money in a strippers backside.   Sooooooo sorry he actually stays at home instead of slagging around town at all hours.... Wait a minute,  no I'm not.  I'm actually very jealous.

Well they say, it's a money issue.
Isn't everything?  Isn't money the big bad when you are in a relationship?  Seriously, I mean man, isn't it the go to argument for everything once you start sharing living space with someone?  

It was in my house growing up.

And do not tell me that your innocent in that because you know you're not.  I'm talking to the women now.   HOW many pairs of shoes are in your half of the closet?   Hhmmmm? 

If it's a woman's right to shoes then it's a man's right to Batman.

Says the lady who has an Army of Darkness Ash statue. 

Shut up, I know I haven't gotten the stains off the wall from the blood bath  pomegranate juice.

But hey... wanna see my ASH? 

It's funny.  To me it's funny.
Alright fine, just remember my motto.  Life should be filled with food, laughter and bad camera work always.