Monday, June 28, 2010

Yes my hobbies are weird

When did scrapbooking become a contact sport?

I was brought up with the idea that scrapbooking, was a book filled with photos and little things that meant something to the person.  Now it seems it's all about designer pages and matching stick hinges.
We have in this city a "scrapbooking store"   that caters to this new so-called elite group of hobbiests.  I've been there once and frankly thought it over the top and just silly.

I had been recently, at the craft store and in the Martha Stewart section ( which by the way, I could just live in the MS section of any store, very happily get lost for hours in the rows of Martha Stewart items for anyone who might ever go shopping with me specially at Halloween)  and had some chick ask me if I ever go to said scrapbooking store,  when I said no she shook her head at me and said "Then you don't really scrapbook."  and stared at me like I had just grown another arm or something. 

What?  That makes no sense.   
Journals, photo albums, sticker books, grimories, recipe books,  all a form of scrapbooking.  

I also collect tea cups.  Yes you read right.   Tea cups.  About once a year I like to go to the fancy tea shops here in town and get a few bags of specialty teas and a new tea/coffee mugs/pots/etc.  And I only do this once a year cause I tend to spend nearly a $100 at a time on these little tea party trips.  If I let myself do this hobby all the time I'd be even more in debt then I am. 
My tea cup collection started when I was little.  Grandma Perry had these china tea sets that she used to use when the Ladies from her church group would come over for their weekly get togethers.  I was just entranced by them.  They were so delicate and different then the every day coffee mugs we used. So of course getting to sit in on the little church gatherings every week was my total delight until I was about 11 years old,  just so I could serve everyone and get my hands on the china sets.
When she died in 1999, all her dishes were divided amongst us.   Think it was done that way so that no one would fight over a particular set or sell them for that matter.