Thursday, June 24, 2010

I blame Richard O'Brian

What happened to television?   

Yes I am wasting time and not doing my book reviews or housework or writing my novel right now,  I am thinking about stuff.

Reality TV Shows  being one of them.   I don't watch reality tv shows, I think they are the end of civilization as we know it but I'm usually out numbered on stuff so.....

Ever ask yourself who thought of reality tv shows?    Whomever it is that claims to have, screw them, it's more or less Richard O'Brian who put the idea in the minds of the unwashed population.    The man was a genius when he gave us Rocky Horror Picture Show   but fell flat with his offering of Shock Treatment. Or did he?

Shock Treatment bombed at the movies but has become a cult classic.  True not as large as RHPS, but then again not much has.    What ST managed to do though was deliver to us as a collective population the idea of the reality tv show running 24/7.  It took us out of scripted shows and jumped us into reality programming that was scripted to be more real then they really are even though they are not even that much on the real side. 

Follow me.

In conclusion .... in 1981 Richard O'Brian gave the world a movie about a world on television that was more then it really seemed but yet was played out to be less then it was, and thirty years later the rest of the world jumped on his bandwagon hitting every network as they did.    Reality TV Shows, the newest thing or just a rip of from a bad script?