Friday, June 18, 2010

Raw for June 14th 2010-Highlights

I've had a crap week, between the blogger issues, the power outages from the heat (two just this week and that makes 3 in the last month I see how my summer is going to be) and a flu like thing going around our city, so I'm only now getting to this week's shows.

We open with our newest Heels/Faces 7 of the 8 NXT guys from season one. So I see this will be the big storyline for the summer. Bored Now.

  • We then went into a sample Fatal 4Way match for the United States Championship - RTurth vs John Morrison vs Zack Ryder vs Miz. The Miz pined R-Truth for the belt.
  • Jericho vs Bourne. Evan Bourne won with his airbourne.
  • There was some sort of comedy routine with Big Show and some dude vs DiBiasi and Virgal. BS and the guest host (waste of time) won by pinning Virgal.
  • Regal vs Santino with Kozlov as special ref. Santino won with a handful of tights.
  • Edge/Sheamus vs Cena/Orton. Now you just went off and ruined the match for me. It was suppose to have been Orton vs Sheamus which would have been killer in my book and the only reason I suffer through this company. But you made it a tag team match which just ruined the vibe for me.
Sheamus and Cena started with a collar tie up. Sheamus turning it into a side head lock, before Cena countered it with a chickenwing, then a choke hold, where upon Cena used a snapmare take down on Sheamus. Sheamus managed to get to the ropes to break the hold, then Cena with a go behind slapping on a full nelson, again Sheamus on the ropes breaking the hold. Cena back to working on the shoulder of Sheamus with an armbar/wristlock, as Randy Orton tagged in. Orton with a few punches to the jaw of Sheamus before once again going for a side headlock take down. Sheamus managed to fight out of it, backing Orton into the corner and landing a few high knees. Edge then tagged in with some stomping on Orton. Orton then with a neckbreaker hangman. He was then getting into his shapeshifting, setting up for an RKO but Edge countered and rolled out of the ring. Cena now tagged in, with punches to Edge before giving him an irish whip across the ring and a fisherman's suplex. Cena then with a clothesline on Edge. Edge fell out of the ring, but Cena got too close and Edge used the top rope for a quick hangman. Sheamus tagged in, stomping on Cena. They traded blows for a moment, but Cena was down on the mat Sheamus got a near fall. Sheamus then with a running high knee on the jaw of Cena before stepping on his neck. Edge tagged back in, with a hard elbow to the back of the neck of Cena. Cena then with a suplex on Edge, but Edge rolled out of the ring and tagged in Sheamus, who came in and began stomping again on Cena. He followed this with an elbow drop, then tangled Cena in the ropes and delivered a nice chop to the chest. Cena fell out of the ring, and Sheamus then tossed him hard into the rails then back in the ring, Sheamus for a cover but only got a two count. Sheamus then with a running clothesline almost taking Cena's head off, still only a two count. Sheamus then started to work on the arm of Cena with a submission move. Cena fought out of it, but Sheamus got a rear naked choke on him in the middle of the ring. Cena somehow got to his feet with Sheamus still hanging onto the move, they ended up back on the mat for another cover only a two count. Edge tagged in with a few stomps on Cena. Edge with a hangman style powerbomb, then charged for Cena but Cena moved. Sheamus and Orton both tagged in, Orton with a few clotheslines on Sheamus and a scoop slam. Sheamus had gotten to the ring apron but Orton started his shapeshifting again, then kicked Sheamus so that Sheamus landed on the second rope. This was for his hangmaned DDT. Edge then ran in and got RKOed, giving Sheamus time to get up and deliver a double axehandle to Orton's face. He followed it up with his backbreaker on the knee (Irish Curse) only got a near fall. Sheamus with a few knees to Orton, then started to work on his shoulder, Orton tried to fight it couldn't. Another cover by Sheamus but again only a two count. Edge tagged back in, with a series of punches to the back of Orton's neck. Orton then with punches and elbows to both Sheamus and Edge as he fought his way out of their corner, but it was countered by a drop toe hold by Edge. Edge then delivered another hard forearm to Orton's head. Orton did manage to give him a clothesline before tagging in Cena. Cena with a series of flying shoulder blocks....then the cameras turned to the NXT guys ripping the place up in back.