Monday, June 28, 2010

I like yellow flowers

I talked before on my old blog how I am just terrible at picking gifts for men.  Unable it would seem to give them anything they find worthy.
I've also mentioned how I've gotten almost every sort of gift from my male friends over years as bribes.  Yes, bribes for doing their history homework so they could go to whatever the latest concert/game/date was, for helping them smooth things over with their girlfriends after a fight etc etc etc. 
Of everything a man has given me, I've never gotten the most basic.   Flowers.    Hell, I even worked at a flower delivery place and I still never got flowers.   I've given boyfriends flowers but never gotten any in return.
I  always said I wouldn't mention wanting flowers because I had this frealed up idea that I'd know when the universe sent me the right guy cause he'd give me flowers. 
Well, that's never going to happen if I don't let the universe know and put the energy out there.   So, I like yellow flowers. 

The other and more important gift I've never gotten or been asked for is a photo of me and my guy.  All the bad relationships and forgettable one night stands,  not once have I had a photo taken of me and the guy as a couple. 
I can't really tell you why in my mind that is the ultimate declaration of coupledom but it is.  So universe are you listening to me...