Friday, June 18, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 17th 2010

iTunes Canada had it this afternoon, but I had other things to do. And guess what,  we're going back to the original point of this column,  not a review but my reactions to the show.   That's what made this column what it was and I really miss doing it that way.   So, maybe next week I'll return you to the review/commentary posts you have all gotten so used to ... maybe. 

We open with flashbacks of the ppv that happened this past weekend.   Tommy Dreamer is now a part of TNA.  Whoa, the end really is near isn't it?   I used to love Dreamer back in the day, but if you're going to bring him in,  bring back Raven and dig up Joel Gertner cause if we're going to pretend to be ECW then just bring in the elements that made it worth watching on tv every week.   Dreamer/Raven/Gertner/Corino. 

We then see that the tag belts have been stripped from the Band and Scott Hall has been fired.  For the first time we are hearing that the MotorCityMachine Guns! are indeed inline for them.  They will be going next month in the ppv against whomever it is that wins this new tag tournament.  First smart thing TNA has done in months. 
  • Nash/Young vs Ink Inc.   This was just blah.  Ink Inc. won and move on in the tournament.  I have no idea what those two guys are thinking with that whole get up.  
  • Hernandez vs Samoa Joe.   Joe won with a cheat from Matt Morgan. 
  • Doug Williams vs Max Buck.   Williams won.  Then Kendrick came down to the ring in what can only be described as the worst tee shirt choice that guy has ever made on tv.  
  • Beer Money Inc. vs Team3D.   Beer Money won.  They will go against Ink Inc. next week
  • Desmond Wolfe vs Jay Lethal.  They spent more time with the camera on Dreamer in the crowd then the match.
  • New top ten ranking for the TNA belt.  10- Kurt Angle - 9 Desmond Wolfe - 8 The Pope -7 Jay Lethal - 6 Samoa  Joe -5 Sting- 4 A. J. Styles  -and there is a mess of the top three, Abyss/Anderson/Hardy.  There's a shocker for ya eh?
  • Abyss went totally psycho tonight too.
I was not happy at all with the show this week, I thought it really sucked.   I don't care for all the backstage crap you keep doing, it's of no interest to me at all.   Nor do I care for any kind of hardcore stuff.  Which is why a return to ECW is truly of no interest to me either.  
This has been like a month since the MotorCityMachine Guns! have been on air last.  Where are they???  
Can we move on with the whole Flair/Lethal feud already. I'm just not feeling it.  Lethal vs Styles makes sense, but not Lethal vs Flair it's just tired.   Flair really needs to shave that damned hair off too. You look ridiculous old man.
Now I know we're in summer showing but, you don't have a lot of other shows on right now to take viewers away, so just drop the tired old crap and give us something fresh and new and worth watching. I want to be wowed.  I want to actually tune into wrestling over the next few weeks and actually be glued to my screen.  I want to not be bored enough to stop the show fifteen minutes in to clean the toilet. Yes, I stopped the show for a while, cleaned the bathroom and you know what, I forgot I had been watching the show and instead of coming back to the computer to finish watching it right away, I went and watched a movie for two hours. (Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2 -what can I say I love the chin) that's how boring Impact was this week.