Friday, June 11, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 10th 2010

iTunes Canada had it for download early today. Yay!

We open with... DEJA VU!!!! from like a month ago with Jay Lethal dressed as Flair. WHY? WHY?WHY?WHY? WHY JAY LETHAL WHY?
I'm not trying to be cute here either I really hate the idea of the constant rip offs. Well, lest the stupid earrings of Styles are not taking up his whole ear any more.

Kendrick I still hate his music it still sucks vs Homicide. My money is on Homicide. They started with a collar tie up Kendrick backed up into the corner, Homicide punched him a few times then decided to try ripping his mask off... wait sorry he's not wearing one, but Homicide was tearing at Kendrick's face as if he were trying to pull a mask off with Kendrick draped over the ropes. Back to the center of the ring and more hard forearms from Homicide, and once again ripping at his face. Kendrick battled out with tree chops and a couple of hard forearms of his own. Homicide turned it around again going for his gringo-killer (spelling check anyone?) but it was blocked as Kendrick pushed him into the corner. Homicide with a back elbow sending Kendrick across the ring. Homicide then used a T-Bone suplex but only got a two count before he started to stomp on Kendrick in the corner. Homicide delivered a slam but still only got a two count. Kendrick came back at him with a kick to the knee and a punch to the back of the skull. Homicide then was tossed face first into the turnbuckle, with Kendrick continuing to deliver forearms. Homicide got the upper hand once more sending Kendrick face first this time into the turnbuckle before using a snapmare take over. Homicide then removed the tape from his arm choking out kendrick before Kendrick managed to get in a enzuigiri to the skull of Homicide. Then a few hits to the face while on the ramp okay guys not so close with the camera when on the ramp we could see kendrick cradling the back of Homicide's skull Kendrick then with a kick to the face of Homicide getting the pin for the win. BOO

Matt Morgan the evil druid (and yes he was wearing the robe again so I can still call him that) and Hernandez vs the Band... or so it was advertised. Hernandez just ended up destroying Morgan. Eric Young came down to the ring and covered an already tied up Morgan, as in tied up to a medical board. Mr. Young, I totally love you but dude SHAVE! that facial scruff just looks bad on you.

Kurt Angle vs Amazing Red. They started with a collar tie up that went right into a side headlock by Kurt. Red slithered out, but was caught by a running shoulder block. Red then with a leap frog over Kurt and a hip toss. Nice. Red backed it up with a spinning headscissors, but both men on their feet. Go behind by Kurt but was countered by Red with a drop down. Kurt then delivered a belly to belly suplex and a European UpperCut. But Red countered the next move with getting out of the way letting Kurt take himself down out of the ring. Red on the ring apron used a mule kick and a hurricanrana. Back in the ring and Red springboards off the ropes but Kurt moved, then sliced Red with a wicked clothesline. Kurt was going for one of his trademark finsihers, but Red turned it into a DDT. Red then used a kick to the side of the skull before going again for a springboard, with another DDT style move. Kurt then with an overhead suplex, going for a second when Red turned it into an armdrag mid move. Red continued on the attack with a spinning heel kick, then a mini-hurricanrana from the mat followed by a standing moonsault. Only got him a two count. Red then off the top turnbuckle with his triple corkscrew but missed. Kurt finally managed to get the angle slam on him after numbers false starts through out the match, for the win.

8man tag. Beer Money Inc/Wolfe/Styles vs Lethal/Abyss/Hardy/Anderson. Impossible to walk in this muck... I hate calling these. Styles won with a styles clash on Lethal.