Thursday, October 18, 2012

a vampire bong?

Okay I just sat through the movie  Evil Bong  and it's today's movie on the movie blog.  Day 294
It was on a DVD horror pack.  Though, I won't call it a horror.
Yeah, that's not something I would have normally picked up, but it is Full Moon movie so it gets points just for that.

Caught up with last week's TNA Impact.  Still running a full week behind on that, but anyways... we are finally starting to see the X-Division title being put back in the spotlight.  The spotlight for it needs to be bigger.  Bigger!

Got some ideas running around in my zombie eaten brain for some blog topics... namely regarding Hallowe'en.  I am going to be doing a short Hallowe'en themed week on the movie blog last week of October.  
As in the holiday not the movie franchise.

okay now coffee...