Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another lazy Sunday


Yeah don't ask.

So, I'm catching up right now on the last two episodes of TNA Impact.  As in the weeks of Oct 25th 2012 and Nov 1st 2012... and the reason I'm so damned late with them is that they have not as of the time of this post, been added to the Spike website and I had to hunt on youtube.
Everyone and their dog's grandmother knows I hate hunting for stuff.

Anyways, first match, just finished watching, was X-Division.  RVD vs Ion.  Short match don't you think?
I'm not really a fan of Ion, and everyone knows I would rather change the channel when RVD comes on, but he is holding the X-belt at the moment.  Still, with what Ion can accomplish in the ring, why on earth would TNA have had the match as an opener and so damned short?

Shouldn't it have been at lest the mid show mark or at lest a 15+ minute match?

I don't know, I guess I'm just ... to me TNA = X-Division.  There just should be... more.

I think I mentioned last week about doing a few extra movie posts on the movie challenge blog... well I did and it turned out okay except for the last post of the night for Hallowe'en.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show post... didn't work out as I had hoped.
Oh well, I know now for next time....

that's the score from the sofa today.