Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 16th 2012

Birds are singing, it's still raining, I just watched a semi-crap Disney movie which is Day 292 on my movie blog... and my knee hurts.
So in other words, it's a semi-fine day. 

If you been reading for the last few months, you know I've been stuck way longer then I thought on my mother's sofa since my knee injury.  And you might know that I tried going home few months ago, but it was too much to handle and had to come hobbling back.
Well, my physio therapy is done.  This is pretty much as good as my knee is going to get, and I'm finally going to be able to drag my crippled ass home tomorrow.  Yay. 
Not having any sort of cable again is going to be the worst of it.  That and the stairs.  Whole reason I spent my recovery at mom's... her building has no stairs.

Let me tell you something, I know I whine a lot.  I can not handle pain at all. And with the O.I., I've had more broken body parts then a whole locker room of X-Division wrestlers combined. It's not fun.  I take a bow to any and all athletes who recover fully from knee surgery, no matter how long it takes them.

Psssttt... anyone know how Chris Sabin is doing after his second knee injury?

I'm dealing with learning what I can no longer do, and how to do things differently.  Like the fact I'll never be able to kneel again, or that for the next year I'll still need a cane to get up and down stairs, and the fact I can't "bend like a lady" anymore to pick stuff up. I have to bend like a clumsy fool when I drop stuff. I look like a stringed muppet now when I have to bend to pick up my cane, which I seem to knock over a lot. Leg out straight bend at the waist, arse in the air. 
Attractive it's not.

But going home means that I will have access again to my dvds.  oh golf clap.  And am thinking about doing a bit of a horror film fest thingie for my movie challenge the last week of the month. And all the projects I've had on hold... dude, what was I thinking with some of the crafting promises I made few months back? I might get them all finished by next year this time if I start tomorrow the second I get home.

And sidenote, there is something funky going on with the comments on this bloggy-blog the last few days.  As of this morning, this top blog post was still reading two sets of comments.  For some odd reason the comment box for the Oct 4th 2012 post was connected to whatever the newest blog post on the blog is.  No idea why or how to fix it.  I've tried reposting those posts but it still is hanging on.

Such is life such is rock n roll.