Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Sept 9th

I sort of forgot that it's a TNA ppv tonight.  I have not seen this past week's episode, so I have no idea who is on the card for tonight.  And I will not be able to get the ppv...

With that said,   if Austin Aries is scheduled... you better be hanging on to that belt!

And as always, to anyone of my TNA Spudguns who are part of the pay-per-view tonight, be you in front of the camera or behind the scenes,  stay safe!
I am sure I sound like a paranoid broken record, but when you think about all the work that goes into a ppv, even when it does go smooth; like the crew up in the lighting and who take care of the pyro, there are risks.

So Stay Safe!

-love Ardeth Blood