Friday, July 20, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for the week of July 19th 2012

I used screen capture for this post 

I managed to find a way to find it online.   So here are the highlights...

We opened with an update on Hogan's surgery.

Cut to- The scoreboard for the Bound for Glory series.   James Storm is top of the pops right now. So he got to call out who he wanted for the Open Fight Night.  He called out Kurt Angle.  They played his music twice but he did not come to the ring.  When the camera man ran backstage, Angle was getting a five minute beat down by the Aces/Eights.

Cut to- Samoa Joe calling out Pope.  I still want that trenchcoat.  The match had barely gotten underway when Joe hit the ring, and I think he shattered a few teeth... but Joe managed to get the submission win earning himself 10 more points in the series.

Cut to- Robert Roode backstage still screaming that Austin Aries winning was a fluke.

Cut to- Hardy was about to call out someone, but Robbie E came out instead calling Hardy out. Hardy got counted out and the win went to Robbie E.  Nice, I like it!

Cut to- a backstage shot of the next Gut Check tryout.

Cut to- ODB and Eric Young talking about his own show and fried chicken... you have to love those two.

Cut to- a flashback of the whole Daniels/Kaz/Styles storyline. Then Daniels and Kaz in the locker room talking about the whole thing.

Cut to- The Gut Check match.  The dude's name was Sam Shaw and he went up against ... oh hang on he got hit up by the Aces/Eights.  Dude...

Cut to- Anderson coming to the ring to call out A.J. Styles.  After many back and forth near falls, Anderson managed to get the pin over Styles.

Cut to- RVD came to the ring and called out Daniels.  Daniels got the win with a pin by using the ropes.

Cut to- Austin Aries in the locker room area talking about how he trumps everyone, and very smartly too I might add.  Aries has this comedic edge to his promos that just works! (sorry I'll behave)

Cut to- an update of Hogan.

Cut to- a flashback of Bully Ray vs Parks from the other week.  ppssssttt... Abyss you forgot to put your teeth in for that match...then a short promo with Parks and Garrett talking about the match from the other week.

Cut to- a Bound for Glory match between Magnus and Bully Ray.   Bully Ray ended up getting the win with a pin.

Cut to- a promo announcing the fact Chavo will be joining TNA... bout damned time

Cut to- Robert Roode made his way to the ring for his match against Austin Aries.  Which was going along at a rocking good pace until the Aces/Eights decided to freal it all up.

I really do hope a resolution is found soon so that Spike will put the shows back on their site, as I just can not afford the cable package here locally that carries Spike.

Till next time, love Ardeth Blood