Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday july 15th

 I decided to get the WWE ppv tonight, Money in the Bank.  I got it for one reason, I was told by a few people Wade Barrett was making his big return.  I was lied to.
So I'm little ticked off about that factor.  And very ticked off about the end result of the last match.  Mom loved it.  Then again, she's a Cena fan.  I am not. 

No I'm still not moved home yet, still waiting for the second surgery on my knee. Fingers crossed it's this week.

Anyways, the ppv... I don't order pay-per-views too often, and when I do, it's usually a TNA ppv. But order the WWE tonight I did.
I wasn't overly thrilled with it.  The CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan match was decent, but there could have been a better story for it then the love triangle. 
Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio was a good strong offering as well.

I was really hoping some new feuds would have evolved from the two ladder matches, but unless creative has something up their sleeves for the next two episodes, I didn't really see anything developing.

I just hope that Wade Barrett makes his return soon.

p.s.  Did anyone else catch the fans with the "87%"  sign?  I would think it's up to 90% by now...

-love Ardeth Blood