Wednesday, July 25, 2012

post 1021

Or something to that effect.

I was asked what I thought about the big 1000th episode of Raw.   Well, besides the fact that 3hours is too damned long, I didn't think much of it. I had taped it on the DVR because Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef trumps wrestling. And when I got around to watching it yesterday afternoon, I watched it in fastforward.  Only took me 45minutes.  Which, is all you really need for any show.
Might be why I like boxed sets so much, no commercials.

I've been toying with the idea of digging up an old script from 2001 that I had written.  Re-working it and seeing what I can do with the character from it. 
Which will mean, a new blog.   Or maybe a re-issue of one of my old semi-dead ones?  I'll let you my lovely Spudguns, know when I've figured it out a bit more.

This weekend will mark 22weeks since I shattered my knee.  And two months since the last time I was in to the surgeon who said he was going to do the second surgery to remove the wires within a few weeks... two months without a word. 
I think I have been forgotten.  And the wires are starting to sort of stick up since all the swelling has gone down. 

And that's the view from the sofa this afternoon