Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, it's the 29th

Which really means nothing to me, other then I haven't been in on this bloggy-blog in a week.
I have my next doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Now, if I could just keep the bandages from slipping right off till then, all should be fine.

The swelling has gone down so much that yesterday I took a few steps and the bandages around my knee slipped down to my ankle.  I'm sure it was the funniest thing for anyone who might have been watching, but to me all I could think was that I was just a greeny-yellow colour all the way down my leg because of the bruise.  That and the fact there was still the marking on my leg that the surgeon had put there so that they knew what leg to operate on.

Odd, that thought.  That they would have to put a few blue ink marks on the proper leg even though it's beyond obvious which one needed the surgery given it's already got a massive scar right down it.  But you do hear about horror stories in the news from doctors who operated on the wrong body part.  It's rare, but you do hear about them.

Anyways, so that's about all that is on my mind today.  Back with an update tomorrow after the appointment.