Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tattoo or not to Tattoo?

I got my first tattoo at age 27. And was 34 before I got the second one.  Both of which take up the length of my left arm from my shoulder to elbow. 
I would have the remainder of the shoulder and upper back done if I had the cash.  But sadly, I'm beyond poor.
I've seen some really great tattoos over the years.  And living in the city I live in,  seen a lot of really bad ones that people have done as home made ones that they regret.

Tattoos are a beautiful way to express something within you, and to honour someone you love.

Yeah, that's not the purpose behind mine.  But, I was thinking about all this today, after seeing a few people commenting on a fan site about stars who get them done then remove them.

Here's the thing, people change.  You're tastes change, your situations change.  Some tattoos are well thought out and really do stand the test of time.  Others are not so well thought out and become painful memories that you can't run away from.  Unless you are willing to stand the pain of removal, which is also extremely costly. Or, as most, have another tattoo done over it, altering it.

That's the other reason I have not gotten more ink done myself yet.  The idea of choosing something that I can live with.  Really live with for the rest of my life.

That's the view from my sofa today